Create PDF files from many document formats, or convert your PDF files back into an editable format with ACPsoft PDF Converter. Batch conversion helps you convert hundreds of files in a few clicks. Full support for fonts, pictures, formatting and header and footer options makes it possible to create PDF files that look the same or better than the originals. ACPsoft PDF Converter supports and watermarks to protect your copyrights.

Convert between DOC, HTML, TXT and PDF formats with no limitations! The PDF conversion tool produces authentic PDF files out of a number of formats, helping you migrate to paperless workflow and unify document storage formats. ACPsoft PDF Converter can attach a secure digital signature or embed a JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF watermark into your PDF file to protect your copyrights and guarantee document’s authenticity. The available batch mode with error control makes it simple to apply the same conversion to a bunch of files, or convert entire folders with documents into the PDF format.

By design, most PDF files are strictly read-only. Few if any PDF editors are available. ACPsoft PDF Converter can convert your PDF files back into the document format, producing fully editable, unrestricted DOC, HTML or TXT documents out of read-only PDF files. The document formats preserve the original fonts, pictures and formatting used in the source PDF file.


As a manager, I send a lot of documents with our company logo to our clients. I used to think that it was impossible to convert our proposals from Word to PDF and add our logo to them at the same time. However, one day I was referred to ACPsoft PDF Converter by a friend and was surprised to see that this software was fully capable of doing everything I needed help with. Thank you very much for this program and I hope to see a lot more of your tools soon.

Justin Ruano

I receive a lot of PDF documents on a daily basis and I always spend a great deal of time converting them one by one. I was amazed to find a very simple and yet robust tool that can easily convert entire folders of files. I will definitely recommend the program to anyone facing the same problems.

Robert Nelson

I tried lots of different converters, but none of them could produce the result that I was looking for. If a document had a table or image, the result could be unpredictable, so I always had to spend additional time on editing the source doc. It was only ACPsoft PDF Converter that finally helped me solve this problem—and for that I am very grateful to its developers.

Linda Carson